Global Services

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Whether you are new to the global food industry or a veteran company, Grover Global Food Marketing can help you optimize your results by:
  • Identifying Key Sales Opportunities (Market Entry & Sales Expansion Strategies)
  • Creating Customized Marketing Programs
  • Increasing Brand Awareness Across Key Retail Categories
  • Leveraging Our International Contacts and Professional Networks
  • Improving Organizational Efficiencies
  • Advising on International Food Safety Requirements
  • Advising on International Trade Law
  • Maximizing Sales & ROI

Grover Global Food Marketing’s areas of expertise include:

  • Branded & Private Label
  • Specialty Foods
  • Ethnic/International Foods
  • Natural Foods & Nutraceuticals
  • Organic
  • Fine Foods and Confections
  • Kosher
  • Fair Trade
  • Gluten Free
  • Beverages
  • Retail, Food Service & Industrial

Our Team

  • Janis H. Grover

    Specialty Food Consultant with 35 Years in International Markets Janis H. Grover…

  • Donna L. George

    Experienced Food Consultant with 35 Years in Retail & Manufacturing Donna L.…

  • Esther Luongo Psarakis

    International Markets Consultant with 30 Years Experience Esther Luongo Psarakis assists the…

  • Cass Sloane

    Experienced Food Consultant with 40 years working with small and large Manufacturing…

  • Patricia W. Peiffer

    Marketing Analyst with More Then 30 Years Experience High performing, experienced analyst…

  • Sherri Jones

    New Product Commercialization Specialist with 30 Years Experience Sherri Jones is an…