Janis Grover Joins New Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory Council at Rowan University

Janis Grover, president of Grover Global Food Marketing (GGFM), will serve as a founding member of the new Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory Council in Rowan University’s William G. Rohrer College of Business. The goal of the advisory council will be to help guide the university's newly developed undergraduate program. The program’s mission is to prepare students for employment in the growing industry of supply chain management & logistics.

Janis Grover with Andrew Johnson, PhD, assistant professor, Rowan University.

Janis Grover with Andrew Johnson, PhD, assistant professor, Rowan University.

"One of goals for the advisory council is to give students a real-world understanding of global supply chain management, first-hand from leading business professionals like Janis Grover," explains Andrew Johnson, PhD, assistant professor in the William G. Rohrer College of Business. "With more than 35 years in the global specialty food industry, Janis has valuable experience in all our key concentrations including transportation, logistics, warehouse operations, demand planning and forecasting, inventory management, and manufacturing and procurement processes."

"I am honored to be part of Rowan University's Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory Council and the new undergraduate program because it is preparing New Jersey students for well-paying, high-demand careers that can take them around the world. Their possibilities will be limitless," says Janis Grover, who has traveled to more than 30 countries bringing thousands of specialty food products to the US market. Last year, Janis' company, Grover Global Food Marketing, sponsored the Inaugural Supply Chain Event for Rowan and its APICS Chapter. Entitled, From Verona to Vineland: Global Food Marketing, the event featured presentations from food professionals throughout the supply chain.

The advisory council includes 10 prominent members of the South Jersey business community.

Janis H. Grover is a marketing, new product development and sales professional recognized for successfully transitioning international ethnic products into the US specialty food market. She has special expertise in delivering manageable business plans for retail and food service with branded and private-label products. Janis has organized and executed launch strategies for specialty food products working with brands in over 30 countries. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international and US conferences.

Grover Global Food Marketing (GGFM) is a multifaceted business consulting group focused on developing and launching new brands in the specialty food industry. GGFM’s key service areas include: New Product Development & Brand Management, Organizational Management & Business Building, and Sales & Marketing and Strategic Positioning.

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